Musical Minutes Coaching

Transformational Career Coaching

Very often, we come to a point where we feel that we need to explore what is next in our career and life.  But where to start?

It might well be that this is the time to explore, and find the essence of who your are; what really drives and motivates you.  This could be the time to take that step and deep dive into your intrinsic motivators in order for your to truly answer the question: what does my next step in my career actually look like?

Very often we tend to think along the same lines of what we have done before. That is why – in my coaching sessions – we want to start with the basics. Perhaps sometimes a bit confrontational, but energising at the same time!

As a guiding thread I use the the Passion Profile. This is a modern, unconventional online personal development method that will help you discover what really resonates with you at a professional level, and will facilitate you to make conscious choices, so that you can build a career in a way that is completely in line with who you really are.

It is primarily a journey of self-discovery.  This journey begins with stepping away from what you already know about yourself: your work history, education, learned behaviours, as well as your beliefs about work and income. If we do not step away from this, chances are high that we will search for new opportunities based on our identification with our current work and role in life. We will achieve a result that sounds good and aligns with our resume, but again may not fit with who we truly are as a person; leaving you again with the feeling that it’s not the right fit.

Once we have an answer to the question ‘Who am I?’, it becomes much easier to answer the question: ‘What do I want?’. You will see that you quickly realise whether something does or doesn’t resonate with you.  On this journey I won’t tell you what you should do, but assist you to find all the answers you need from within and create your own unique profile.

It is a very powerful journey which really helps you to discover what you essentially value in life, before focussing on what job you want; be it as an employee or self-employed.

We will have 6 one-on-one sessions in which we will discuss and reflect on the modules you are going through.

I use music as an additional instrument to reflect on what you experience on your personal development journey. After each session I will give you a personal musical minute. Music is an incredible connective force; its resonance will deepen the experience. It will allow us to reflect on what was discovered and said from another ‘view point’ providing you with additional insights.


“For me,
music reflects
on the essence of life.”

Merlijn Angad Gaur