Musical Minutes Coaching

Team cohesion training program

I have always been fascinated by the working of teams and how to make sure all of its members work well together and feel happy in the position they are in, and with the way they are contributing to their team.

It is my belief that a team that can collaborate in a compassionate way, with an understanding of one’s different approaches to work, are at the heart of a healthy and successful team. My approach combines the power of the Predictive Index Assessment Survey and the harmonising effects of music to reflect and enhance team dynamics and productivity.

The Predictive Index Assessment Survey is a scientifically validated tool that helps identify a team’s individual strengths, work styles, and behavioural preferences. We can create a foundation for better understanding, communication, and collaboration by gaining insights into each team member’s natural inclinations.

Incorporating live improvised music into my training sessions adds an additional dimension. Research has shown that music has the ability to synchronise brainwaves, evoke emotions, and foster a sense of unity. By bringing live music into my sessions, where I improvise on what is needed at that given point in time, I aim to create an environment of openness, trust and focus; which encourages collaborative teamwork, boosts morale, and improves overall team performance.

My team cohesion training programs are designed to cater to the unique needs of each individual team. I like a highly interactive approach that aims to promote trust and give deeper insights into the team’s communication and overall behavioural traits.

Whether you’re looking to build a new team from scratch or enhance the dynamics of an existing one, my approach can help you achieve optimal team cohesion, with compassion.

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“For me,
music reflects
on the essence of life.”

Merlijn Angad Gaur