Musical Minutes Coaching

Interview and resume coaching

In this service we focus on the most common method used in International Organisations: competency based interviewing.
With many years of experience in talent acquisition at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), finding and recruiting people for a broad range of roles, be it at the junior or executive level, I have a unique outset on how to interview, what to do to prepare, and align your resume to the role that your are applying for, ensuring that you get across those essential personal attributes that you have.

As a separate service, I offer coaching in both interviewing as well resume writing. For me the focus is to discover what sets you aside from other candidates and really showcase your strong points.  Interviewing has many different approaches, but if you are confident in who you are as a working professional you will be able to get this across in your interview and resume.

In this service we focus on the most common method used in International Organisations: competency based interviewing.

You will learn:

  • How to tailor your answers to the relevant competencies
  • Align your answers to the grade level you are applying for
  • A smart method of a matrix approach to interview questions
  • How to stand out and make sure you show case what you have to offer
  • Making sure you align your values and beliefs to the role you are applying for

As an add on, and to assist us to objectively tackle your answers to behavioural questions, I offer an behavioural assessment of your main behavioural drives.  For this I use the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment Survey.  As a licensed Predictive Index Analyst we will discuss the assessment findings in order to use them to our advantage when applying for a job.

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“I found Merlijn an intelligent and kind coach. He can quickly identify where thought processes keep you stuck and guide you to think differently, without pushing you into any specific direction and letting you come to your own insights and conclusions. He reads people well, and is open and flexible. I also liked that he approached issues with a sense of humour where appropriate. The short musical reflections he composed after each session captured our discussions and my thoughts really well. “

Female client, 32 years – United Nations agency – The Hague (The Netherlands)

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“There is career coaching, and then there is Merlijn. I enjoyed our collaboration, beginning with the PM behavioral assessment, which greatly improved my self-awareness in my current role and clarified my aspirations for future endeavors. Navigating the unique requirements of international organizations demands a distinct mindset and approach. Merlijn possesses the insight, expertise, and experience necessary to provide the tailored coaching needed to pursue your career aspirations within this field.”

Ádám Bágyi – Program Officer / Diplomacy

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 “I had the pleasure of working with Merlijn as my interview coach in preparation for a leadership position, and I cannot overstate the positive impact he had. From the outset, he demonstrated a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in interviewing for a higher position in an international setting.

Merlijn possesses a keen insight into what sets apart successful leaders, and his coaching style is a perfect blend of strategy, encouragement, and practical advice. A mock interview was particularly valuable in refining performance. The personalized guidance I received not only refined my interview skills but also boosted my confidence in articulating my experiences and capabilities.”

Female client – Communications / International Organization