Musical Minutes Coaching

About me

For me, whether it is music, or working with people, it is about making a connection, and finding a way how we can enrich each other’s lives, making a positive contribution and trying to get to the essence of things.

This essence can be the core of how you express a musical note, but it can also be finding out the essence of what ‘drives’ you, or the practical essence on how to deal with an interview question. I enjoy doing multiple things in various disciplines; the different fields complement and enrich one another, and I feel it lends me a broader perspective.

When my tenure with the OPCW as Head, Talent Acquisition was coming to an end, I was really wondering what my next career step would be… Of course there had always been my music; it was clear to me that I was definitely going to expand my work in that field. But as working with and for people, and focussing on their personal development had always been a driving force for me, I wanted to continue in this field as well; help people find what they really want to do in life.

A few years back, when I was trying to figure out what actually truly resonated with me in orde to make a more grounded career choice, I had participated in a wonderful journey with the Passion Profile. It really helped me realise what values I find important, what drives me, and what I want to contribute in essence. Sharing stories, and coaching people.

Things come your way as they do; and as such the opportunity to become a coach with the Passion Profile presented itself, and I am super grateful that I can now use this wonderful ‘tool’ as part of my coaching practice.

Journeys of self-development are not always easy, but they are rewarding and to my mind of essence in this day and age. We all struggle sometimes with questions of what to do next, to find fulfilment. In my coaching sessions I notice that people are grateful if you are able to gain new insights together; there is sometimes almost a feeling of relief, I know at the time this was definitely the case for me; “so this is what I want to do, the direction I want to go in…” I have experienced, and I believe my clients as well, a moment where it all ‘clicked’. When you discover what really resonates with you at your core, that is an amazing moment, and makes your career choice so much easier and truthful.

In my HR work, I was always trying to stay in sync with, and realise what, I find important in the way I contribute, focussing on developing myself, while also helping others to do the same. It gives a sense of reward and contribution. Especially when you feel you are able to help someone else on their journey. I am glad that I can now share my knowledge and skills in a coaching practice. So if you are up for it, let’s have a chat!