Musical Minutes Coaching

“It is about
finding the essence
of who you are.”

About you

What does your next career step look like?

This is the time to explore, and find the essence of who your are; what really drives and motivates you!

If you are contemplating what your next career move should be, knowing you want to take a new step, but in doubt about what it will be… this is the time to explore and dig a little bit deeper…

Maybe you have this gut feeling, or you keep hearing this soft voice in your head, that tells you that there might be different things out there to do and discover… take that leap of faith and explore your own potential and find out more about who you are, and how you can contribute to the world in line with your inner values and believes.

Very often we tend to think along the same lines of what we have done before. That is why I invite you to start with the basics, a journey of self-discovery. Perhaps sometimes a bit confrontational, but energising at the same time!

With the use of the Passion Profile we deep dive into your intrinsic motivators before we answer the question: what does my next step in my career actually looks like?

This journey begins with stepping away from what you already know about yourself: your work history, education, learned behaviours, and beliefs about work and income.

Once you have an answer to the question ‘Who am I?’, you more easily move on to the question: ‘What do I want?’. You will find that you quickly realise whether something does or doesn’t resonate with you.  On this journey I won’t tell you what you should do, but assist you to find all the answers you need from within and create your own unique profile.

As an artistic addition to the one-on-one sessions I use music as an instrument to reflect on what you experience on your personal development journey. It will allow to reflect on what was discovered, said and felt in a different way, providing you with additional insights.


I am happy to meet you to discuss what we can do together. Schedule your free one on one 30 minute discovery meeting here.

Je titel komt hier

“I found Merlijn an intelligent and kind coach. He can quickly identify where thought processes keep you stuck and guide you to think differently, without pushing you into any specific direction and letting you come to your own insights and conclusions. He reads people well, and is open and flexible. I also liked that he approached issues with a sense of humour where appropriate. The short musical reflections he composed after each session captured our discussions and my thoughts really well. “

Female client, 32 years – United Nations agency – The Hague (The Netherlands)

Je titel komt hier

“There is career coaching, and then there is Merlijn. I enjoyed our collaboration, beginning with the PM behavioral assessment, which greatly improved my self-awareness in my current role and clarified my aspirations for future endeavors. Navigating the unique requirements of international organizations demands a distinct mindset and approach. Merlijn possesses the insight, expertise, and experience necessary to provide the tailored coaching needed to pursue your career aspirations within this field.”

Ádám Bágyi – Program Officer / Diplomacy

Je titel komt hier

“I had the pleasure of working with Merlijn as my interview coach in preparation for a leadership position, and I cannot overstate the positive impact he had. From the outset, he demonstrated a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in interviewing for a higher position in an international setting.

Merlijn possesses a keen insight into what sets apart successful leaders, and his coaching style is a perfect blend of strategy, encouragement, and practical advice. A mock interview was particularly valuable in refining performance. The personalized guidance I received not only refined my interview skills but also boosted my confidence in articulating my experiences and capabilities.”

Female client – Communications / International Organization

Passion Profile Coaching

“For me,
music reflects
on the essence of life.”

Merlijn Angad Gaur

Interview and resume coaching

Are you up for that next job interview, or contemplating applying for a job, but in doubt if you are approaching your application the right way? Let me assist you!

With many years of experience in international talent acquisition; finding and recruiting people for a broad range of roles, from the junior to executive level, I have a unique outset on how to interview, what to do to prepare, and how to align your resume to the role that your are applying for, ensuring that you get across those essential personal attributes that you have.

As separate service, I offer coaching in both interviewing as well resume writing. For me the focus is to find out what sets you aside from other candidates and really showcase your strong points. To interviewing there are a lot of approaches, but if you are confident in who you are as a working professional you will be able to get this across in your interview and resume.

I would love to assist you! Schedule your free one on one 30 minute exploratory meeting here.

What is the Passion Profile?

A 12 week program in which you will discover your unique contribution.

In the online environment, you will receive a new module every two weeks. Each module includes online videos with information on the theme and online assignments. You can complete the modules and tasks at a time and place that suits you best.

Once you have completed the module online, we will have a conversation together (either in person or online) to discuss the module. If needed, I will challenge you with (sometimes difficult) questions that will help you move forward through your journey.

Knowledge is good, but without action, nothing really changes. As of the beginning of module 1, you will start taking action so that you can immediately experience the benefits. By the end of the program, you will have your personal implementation plan ready, and your are set up to achieve your goals.

About me

Musical Minutes was founded

to merge and combine two elements: music and personal development.

For over 20 years I have had a career in both music as well as HR and personal development. Music for me is essential as it is such a strong connective force; working with people and helping them with their career development is at the core of how I approach my HR work.

The idea for musical minutes arose from my improvisation sessions at workshops, where I summarised what had happened in a musical piano improvisation. They were the ‘musical minutes’ of that event.

Whilst working for the international community in talent acquisition I find it imperative to find out what actually drives and motivates people and to make sure they feel that they are seen for who they are and where they can contribute best, with fulfilment.

I enjoy the combination of working both as a composer and musician, as well as coach and HR professional. The both have an enriching effect, and with the Passion Profile coaching, I bring both music and coaching together. With this combination it is my sincere wish to contribute to peoples lives, to help them find their purpose, and to musically move them, to the benefit of their personal journey.